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The pain professional was developed through a frustration of being witness to friends, family, acquaintances and pretty much every second person you meet complaining of aches, pains and injuries in their body, which could all have been fixed very quickly & easily.

Instead people live with their aches & pains day in and day out, thinking that it is either old age has caught up with them, or they are lacking in physical fitness, or that it will require a massive effort to get rid of their aliments.

Paired with seeing people with easily treatable aches & pains, there was also a frustration in being witness to watching person after person, embark on a fitness kick with good intentions to improve their health, fitness & wellbeing, being given poor advise, doing exercises they have seen online or instagram and basically work at a level far too advanced.
This is why most people fail, give up, or are forced to stop due to injury, because working at a level that is too intense or advanced is not only demotivating and a constant mental battle but it
inevitably leads to an injury and/or extreme muscle pain, because the body is so overworked.

The truth is if you spend a little bit of time focusing on building a strong foundation, you will not only start to see and feel the difference in your strength & fitness, but you will also be building a body resistant to injury so that you can sustain your fitness regime long term.


I have been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 16 years. During this time I have evolved into a rehabilitation specialist, Strength and conditioning coach and Nutritionist (Natural Medicine). I work with both elite athletes and general public alike. My goal with all clients is to see them pain free, healthy and to achieve their goals.