Ok so it is not really a secret, more of a forgotten art from.

Today when you get sick, you immediately think to go to the doctor, after describing your symptoms to the doctor you will predictably be prescribed some sort of “medicine” or drugs if you want to tell it how it is. The vast majority of people will then purchase and take the medicine in a bid to get better.

This is how the health profession is today a system of quick diagnosis, followed by a quick fix prescription of drugs.

Imagine instead being prescribed foods, herbs, vitamins, minerals, or teas, to fix your health. This notion is so far removed form today’s society, that if it were to happen the vast majority of people would think it was a joke and demand drugs.

Natural medicine is the use of natural methods, herbal medicines, and traditional practices to heal ailments. Usually, natural medicine refers to medical practices that were in place before the advent of modern medicine.

Natural medicine can be considered as a lost art, this does not mean that it has lost efficacy over time. In some cases, natural therapy is actually better than modern medicine, which has lead some doctors to not only seriously consider but study the possible uses of natural medicine.

Currently there are numerous organizations that study the effects and advocacy of natural medicine, with some governments and health agencies openly advocate the use of natural methods since they are inexpensive and relatively risk-free, and as their studies increase they add more and more treatments to the list of accepted medicines.

It must be however be noted that many natural treatments have been proven to be a “myth” and ineffective medicines.

In the case of minor ailments such as cough, colds, fever, skin rashes, and like issues, natural medicine should be recommended. As these remedies are often superior to synthetic medicine, as well as being far less likely to cause any negative side effects.

Natural medicine is helpful because it suggests that treatment not necessarily be given only when sick, but also as a preventative method for improving health in general. Natural medicine strives to make each patient practice good health habits, including good diet, healthy living, exercise and regular natural treatment.

It is funny that science (or research into health), in its quest for excellence and knowledge, generally leads us back to the remedies that nature offers.

The fact that highly effective remedies to everyday illnesses can be found in nature, is reason enough to explore natural medicine further.

Not only are such remedies easy to come by and found in abundance, but they are produce no side affects and work on the cause of an issue rather than a symptom.

So next time you are ill or even better before you get ill, look into pre empting sickness by boosting your health using natural medicine