A muscle pull, strain or tear is something the vast majority of us have experienced at some time in our lives, but what actually is it?

A muscle strain, pull or tear means the presence of damage to a muscle or its tendons, which is the result of pressure on the muscles from doing something that required sudden movement, heavy lifting, or activities that may have overstretched the muscles like in sprinting.

The damage can be a tear in part or all of the muscle fibers or the attaching muscle tendon. Depending on the severity, the damage may also cause local bleeding or bruising, and pain (we all know that feeling).

Simple home remedies can help to reduce the swelling and local bleeding, as well as reduce the pain. The simple remedies include the application of an ice pack to the strained muscle, this should be done immediately after the injury as it will help to reduce the swelling and inflammation. Heat can then be applied to the injured site, only when the swelling has decreased otherwise, heat can hinder the healing process if applied too early.


Muscle rehabilitation is a long process. To aid in your recovery anti-inflammatory medicines maybe taken to reduce inflammation, pain and increase mobility. Also natural options are advisable such as Turmric, omega 3, B vitamin complex, and a daily dose of vegetables

Medical treatment is rarely necessary unless the muscle damage is severe.


To gauge the severity of a muscle tear there is a grading system, comprising of 3 grades of severity.

Grade 1 is the most minor level of muscle damage. Is can be treated using massage techniques to hasten recovery as well as a well crafted muscle rehabilitation program.

Grade 2 is a much more serious strain than grade 1. The patient may not be able to move about properly and may require a more complicated muscle rehabilitation program than grade 1.

Grade 3 is the greatest damage. The patient is unable to walk properly and is in intense pain. Seeking medical advice for the proper muscle rehabilitation is very crucial.


What ever muscle injury you have it is always recommend to seek the advise and treatment from a trained professional to recovery as quickly as possible and avoid further injury.