What causes stress in your life?

  • No sleep?
  • Deadlines at work?
  • Schedule changes?
  • Relationships with family and friends?
  • Illness?


Stress can come in any one of these forms as well as many more.


Basically stress is unavoidable in modern times, it is your ability to deal with stress that is the important factor. If you are not dealing with stress well then it will eventually lead to burn out.


Stress does not have to be an issue in your life, learning to deal with it effectively will ensure that it does not get the better of you and nor become too serious.


Stress is your body’s reaction to life demands.


Stress doesn’t always have to be negative it can also be positive, due to the adrenaline that comes from the stress reaction, you have a boost of energy. This can be enough to get you through anything from studying for an exam, hitting a deadline at work right up to saving your life should a serious event or trauma occur.

Stress become a negative stimulus when the stress reaction is constantly being switched on time after time, this is what will make you tired and drained, both emotionally and physically, or in other words burnt out.


Being burned out is a consequence of not being able to deal with stress on a regular basis in life. The result is a feeling of not being able to help yourself and having no hope. You may become tired, sick, have low feelings, or have a lack of a self-esteem.


Other symptoms may include as headaches, mood swings, lack of sleep, sleeping too much, stomach problems, fast pulse, constant fatigue, a tense jaw clench, lack of concentration, depression, and walking with your head hung.


These symptoms are all warning signals that you are on a path to becoming burnt out, seeing the signals should be a warning sign for you to address the situation.


Try some of the simple tips below, to regain control of your stress and avoid burn out


  1. Avoid a poor attitude when stressed out. For example when you are stressed avoid negative thoughts such as the world is against me. Instead take a second, stop and allow your self 10 slow deep breaths to calm yourself. I assure you the situation will not be as bad


  1. Try to avoid alcohol, junk food, or sugary foods, as a way of “comfort eating” through the situation. It may initially help you to have a boost of energy but, very quickly it will do more harm than good, due to not providing and also causing vitamins depletion. Which affects your mood inflicting more stress.


  1. Caffeine is wise to avoid in excess and anytime apart from morning. Due to affects on sleep, and also excessive spikes in energy.


  1. Stretching can help a lot, as it will relieve built up tension in your body for the stress.


  1. Stop and think about what you are getting stressed about and decide if it is important enough to even think about at all. You will find most of the time it really isn’t worth thinking about


  1. Be positive. As hard as that sounds when you are stressed the more you can change your mind set to being positive the better.


  1. Laugh as much as possible. Try watching stand up comedy or TV shows you find amusing. Watching comedy will immediately take your mind off your stress and you will find you are not even thinking about it after a few minutes. (Watch comedy over, Action, thriller or horror)



Mastering the simple pointers above, will help avoid burn out and provide you with some tools to better deal with your stress on a daily basis.